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In HERTFORDSHIRE My practice in Hertfordshire is in easy reach of Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Chesham, Rickmansworth, Amersham, Aylesbury, Tring and Wendover.

My name is Peter Wanless. I work as a psychotherapist and run a private practice in Hertfordshire. As of March 2015 I am no longer working in London.

This website provides an opportunity to explore questions you may have about counselling and psychotherapy with links to other sites which give you an opportunity to see how different people and organisations describe this work. You will also find links to a specialist bookshop and to three bodies which register and accredit psychotherapists and counsellors in Britain.

I hope you will find this site interesting.


The choice of a therapist is a very personal one. If you have decided that you want to consult a counsellor or psychotherapist you will need to be as sure as you can be of two things:

1) that you feel sufficiently comfortable with the therapist you are seeing to work with them, and
2) that the therapist you are seeing can work with the difficulties you present.

Should you decide you would like to see me, the first step would be to make an initial appointment to explore the presenting issue and what you know of the background to this. This meeting would be without obligation. The process of the assessment interview is a therapeutic intervention in itself.

Sometimes a second meeting is needed for both yourself and the therapist in order to decide how to proceed. The choice whether or not to begin psychotherapy or counselling, and with whom can only be made by you. Meetings with a psychotherapist last for 50 minutes.


On this website I have provided links to a number of sites. The BACP, UKCP, BCP, all operate registers of qualified and accredited practitioners. The other websites included provide an opportunity to inform yourself more about counselling and psychotherapy.

While your presenting issues may include depression, confusion, stress, tension, anger, fear, phobia, psychosomatic symptoms, loss and bereavement, sleeping difficulties, trauma, shock, low self esteem and lack of confidence I will always hold in mind that, whatever the presenting issue or issues, I am working with a person with inner strengths and vulnerabilities and will work to understand your presenting difficulty in its human context.

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